Are you looking for the Best Garage Door Openers? In our daily busy and fast paced lives, a garage door opener might be treated as a comfort. While driving in a snow storm or rain, automated systems are of a great help and at that time one realizes its utmost need. So in these situations it becomes a necessity rather than comfort.

The garage door openers are a kind of a mechanized device that opens and closes a garage door with a push of a button. It’s a necessity for every homeowner that owns a garage. When installed the benefits are safety, convenience and security against burglary. There are lot of options to choose from but to pick the good garage door opener will always be a challenge, but not now as you have got the right website in front of you to check out the Best Selling Garage Door Opener Reviews.

Top Rated Garage Door Openers Comparison Chart

  • Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 8 x 13.2 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Horse Power: 1/2 Horsepower
  • Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 6.6 x 10.1 inches
  • Weight: 25.6 pounds
  • Horse Power: 1/2 Horsepower
  • Chamberlain PD612EV 1/2 HP MyQ Enabled Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 8.1 x 13.4 inches
  • Weight: 37.4 pounds
  • Horse Power: 1/2 Horsepower
  • Genie 1022-C 1/2-Horsepower DC ChainLift Garage Door Opener

  • Dimensions:39 x 11 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • Horse Power: 1/2 Horsepower
  • Sommer Direct Drive Opener 3/4hp Garage Door Opener

  • Dimensions: 42.6 x 10.2 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 39.8 pounds
  • Horse Power: 3/4 Horsepower

Best 10 Garage Door Opener Reviews


Chamberlain WD1000WF – Best Smart Garage Door Opener

1-1/4 HPS Smartphone Controlled Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and Ultra-Quiet Operation

This Smartphone controlled Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener allows you to control and monitor your garage door with the help of your tablet or Smartphone. It gives you an absolute peace of mind by making it simpler to operate your garage, without the need to work yourself into exhaustion. On top of that, it is Wi-Fi enabled, and you wouldn’t require any additional hardware to make it functional, as it will directly connect to the Wi-Fi router in your home. This entity has a built-in battery which will facilitate its use even when there is no power supply. It features a 1-1/4 HPS motor incorporated with a belt drive. Besides this, it includes safety sensors and keyless entry keypad.

Key Features

  • 1-1/4 HPS,
  • Lifetime warranty for the motor and the belt and one year and three years each for the accessories and other parts of the Garage door opener respectively.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi controls it..
  • You will be able to view the time, temperature, turn lights off and on and diagnostics with the help of LCD wall control.
  • The amazing thing to notice is that it is compatible with 7710CB for 10 ft high doors and 7708CB for 8 ft high doors.
  • Enables you to monitor your garage door using your Smartphone.
  • It comes with a 2 three-button remote control, safety sensors, battery backup.

  • It can be connected to the MyQ mobile app for monitoring the opener remotely.
  • It comes with a battery backup which enables it to function even in the absence of power supply.
  • Includes a quiet belt drive.
  • This Chamberlain Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener includes all the hardware necessary for its installation.
  • Besides enabling you to open and close your garage door, it will also alert you of any activity on the door in your absence.

  • Its installation will require experienced and skilled people.


Genie 4042-TKH SilentMax 1200 – Best Residential Garage Door Opener

3/4+ HPc DC Belt Garage Door Opener with 2 3-Button Remote Wall Console

You will fall in love with this Genie Garage Door Opener which is incorporated with ¾+ HPc DC Chain. The lighter Dc motor facilitates its maneuver by providing quieter and softer opening and closing operation. The steel-reinforced chain drive system of this 4042 TKC model enhances its longevity.  It continuously monitors the door operation and prevents significant illegitimate changes to occur. The Genie Sense Monitoring diagnostic technology delivers the power needed for the garage movement. The Genie Intellicode is incorporated with a technology which will prevent unauthorized people from getting access to the door by changing the security code every time a scandalous or a stranger tries to open it. In addition to that, the Genie Sense is capable of improving safety and minimizing wear and tear on the door. There are other amazing features; we will be throwing light on!

Key Features

  • Installation is easier because of its lightweight and can operate any type of residential garage door.
  • The noise level is minimized with the help of the perfectly designed steel reinforced drive system which is paired with the quiet DC motor.
  • The Genie sense monitoring and diagnostic technology enhances the safety and keeps you informed as and when any significant change occurs at the door.
  • The preprogrammed Remotes with Auto seek dual frequency technology makes the process of installation hassle free. To ensure that the opener does not get affected by the nearby frequency interferences, the Auto Seek dual feature will automatically seek either 390 or 315 MHz frequency produced by a remote.

  • Installation is pretty straightforward.
  • Its operation is quick and quiet.
  • You can operate it smoothly throughout the cycle.
  • Instructions are easier to read.

  • Operates only during the night time; any bit of sunlight prevents the safety beam from functioning.


Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift 800 – Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

1/2 +HP DC Belt Garage Door Opener

Genie 2042-TKC QuietLife 800 is credited to carry out its function with smoothness. This is a product that one can install as a garage door opener. QuietLife 800 is durable, and as the name suggests, it performs its operations very quietly. It is a durable belt garage door opener that can be installed easily. The product operates garage doors up to 500 pounds in weight and 7 feet in height. The reliable product executes its function with ease, and this factor has made it more popular. QuietLife 800 comes with ten years motor warranty and one-year parts warranty. So in the case of any problem with the product, the user need not get worried.

The Safe-T-Beam features an auto reversing system that stops and reverses a door when anything passes through the beam. It meets the expectations of the users and is the right product for people who want to open their garage door without disturbing their neighbors by making a noise.


  • It comes with a wireless keypad for more convenience.
  • Simplicity and handiness of the remote with 2-3 buttons are one of the key features of the product.
  • The product features Safe-T-Beams that meet the basic regulations.
  • The product dimensions are 39 X 11 X 8 inches and its weight is 39.2 pounds.
  • 1/2 + HP DC Belt is boasted in the garage door opener that opens doors up to 7 feet in height and 500 pounds in weight.
  • It features a Wall Console.

  • It can be installed without much difficulty.
  • It operates silently and smoothly.
  • The garage door opener performs its function efficiently.

  • Difficulty in getting a replacement even when the product is under warranty.


Decko 24300 

3/4 Horse Power Heavy Duty Reduced Noise Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Decko 24 3/4 Horse Power Heavy Duty Garage Door Opener can accommodate and operate doors up to 8 feet in height as it has an extension of 8 foot. The dimensions of the product are 26.1 X 12.1 X 9 inches. This product is designed in a way to provide ultimate convenience to the user; it comes with 2-3 remote buttons and a wireless keypad. The product comes with a lifetime motor warranty and one year part warranty. So the user can approach the company and get the replacement without any further questions. The wire connectors are easy to use and it does not require a screwdriver to connect the wires. One of the most attractive features of the garage door opener is that it adjusts according to the weight of the door and slows down its speed just before it opens or closes. The remote control programming button is on the back of the unit and is easy to be found.


  • It handles garage doors up to 7 feet in height and 18 feet in width.
  • The remote control with this product is wireless and carries 2-3 buttons for your convenience.
  • The garage door opener can operate doors up to 7 feet in height and 18 feet in width.
  • It can accommodate larger doors up to 8 feet tall as it has an 8 foot extension.
  • A wireless keypad and 2-3 buttons in the remotes for more convenience.
  • It has an automatic reverse system
  • The garage door is easy to be installed

  • It is simple to install and operates quietly.
  • It executes its function according to the weight of the door.

  • The remote control unit works with a slight delay in work, but this does not cause any major inconvenience.


Genie 2022 – Best Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

TC ChainLift 800 1/2+ DC Chain Garage Door Opener

Genie 2022-TC ChainLift 800 1/2 + DC Garage Door Opener provides silent operation. The user can open and close the garage door without disturbing the people. The product can be installed easily and is a durable one. Safe T-Beam includes an auto reversing system that reverses a closing door when anything is sensed on the beam. The weight of the product is 41 pounds, and it can execute its function on the garage doors up to 500 pounds in weight and 7 feet in height. Electronic push button in the garage door opener makes it easier to be installed. It also includes an ‘Intellicode’ code rolling code technology that keeps on changing the access code every time it is used and stops strangers from trespassing on your garage. ChainLift 800 hundred comes with ten years motor warranty and one-year parts warranty. So you can use the product without being concerned about its reliability.


  • DC Chain Garage Door Opener provides smooth operation, and it can be started and stopped softly.
  • The product features Safe T-Beams that meets all CSA, state and federal regulations.
  • The product can be installed and set up quickly and easily as it features electronic push button.
  • The product is durable
  • The garage door opener can open a door up to 500 pounds in weight and 7 feet in height.
  • It provides a 1-touch limit setting which means that the user has to climb the ladder less number of times.
  • The product dimensions are 39.5 X 11.2 X 8.4 inches.

  • It works quietly and flawlessly.
  • Safe-T-Beam System allows the doors to reverse automatically.

  • The remote works poorly, and one has to wait for it to respond.
  • If anything is placed near the sensor the door does not close.


Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener – Best Rated Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology and Battery Backup will work even when there is a power outage. Chamberlain makes the highest quality garage door openers.  During power outage, this garage opener’s in-built battery backup system provides complete access to the garage.

Product Description

Product Dimensions : 27.2 x 9.7 x 13.1 inches
Weight : 37.6 pounds
Power Source : DC
Material : Metal
Batteries : One non standard battery needed (included)
Batteries included : Yes
Batteries required : Yes
Average Battery Life : 20 Hours
Warranty Description : Lifetime belt and motor warranty, 1 Year Accessories, 5-year Parts

The main feature of this garage opener are MyQ technology enabled, Motion activated lights, Battery Backup System which ensures during the initial 24 hours power outage, up to 20 open/close cycles. Other attributes are Motion Detection Control Panel; Auto force sensing technology that continuously observes the door opener system and through temperature fluctuations adjusts the force.

It is quite easy to install with illustrated, programming and detailed instructions with in-vehicle remote control system with 3 section rail system feature that generally fits 7ft garage doors. It also characterizes anti theft PosiLock protection and 2 three button remote controls.

It has got 1 cordless keyless entry system, 1 control panel and compatible home link. The cost of this machine is below $300 which is impressive. The box contains Chamberlain WD962KEV garage door opener, 2 remote controls, 1 cordless keyless entry system, one control panel, warranty and certifications.


Genie – Best Garage Door Opener Brand

1022-C 1/2-Horsepower DC ChainLift Garage Door Opener

The Genie 1022-C 1/2-Horsepower DC ChainLift Garage Door Opener is for reliable opening. Closing of the garage door uses a heavy duty 600 DC motor. The 3-level rail assist in making sure the movement of the garage door is smooth while one remote and wall mount push button control opens the door with effortless function.


Product Dimensions : 39 x 11 x 8 inches
Weight : 39 pounds
Power Source : DC
Material : Metal
Wattage : 75 watts
Maximum Wattage : 60 watts
Batteries included : No
Batteries required : No
Warranty Description : 1 Year Accessories, Chain, Parts, 6 Year Motor

The salient features of this product is Genie Intellicode access security system which prevents any illegal entry, Powerful 1/2 Horse Power motor with standard connections, Reliable dual pinion gear chain driven system and easy to install with illustrated, programming and detailed instructions.

It has got a sturdy structure which includes 3 section rail system features that generally fits 7ft garage doors which make it a good option as far as strength is concerned. For garage’s easy access one wall mount push button and remote is given. It has got safe T-Beams and process of opening is ultra quiet.

The structure is reliable and provides longer life due to its dual pinion gear chain drive system. The cost incurred is decent if we take into account all the features it provides. Package consists of wall button, T-beams, 1 three-button remote, 1-year accessories, parts warranty, and 6-year motor warranty.


Chamberlain – Best Garage Door Company

PD612EV 1/2 HP MyQ Enabled Chain Drive Garage Door Opener – Best Garage Door Opener For The Money

This Chamberlain product is one of the world’s topmost garage door opener with MyQ enabled technology that permits (with additional accessories) to control, monitor and receive alert notifications of the garage door opener and home lightings via the MyQ Apps from any part of the world.  Its industrial strength chain is long-lasting and consists of two 3-button remote controls and a cordless keypad.


Product Dimensions : 26.8 x 8.1 x 13.4 inches
Weight : 37.4 pounds
Power Source : AC
Material : Metal
Voltage : 100 volts
Wattage : 200 watts
Head Style : Philips
Type of Bulb : LED
Luminous Flux : 100
Batteries included : No
Batteries required : No
Color : Of White
Warranty Description : 1-Year Accessories, 2 Year Parts, 10 Year Motor

Its key features include Security plus MyQ 2.0 technology and Powerful 1/2 Horse Power motor. It has got industrial chain driven system which is quite easy to install and is a robust structure. The functioning of the garage door opener is very quiet with a compatible home link.

It takes hardly an hour to complete installation. The cost is below $200 which is pretty impressive for a keyless entry garage door opener. The package contains Multi-function Wall Control, Cordless keyless entry system, 2 three-button visor remote controls, 1-year accessories, 2 year parts warranty, and 10-year motor warranty.


Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener – Best Garage Opener

The Chamberlain Group’s PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is the latest industrial design with features such as easier installation, smaller carbon footprint and specifically intended for support of 7 ft sectional doors. The latest 12 volt DC motor and 1/2 HPS power ranking, offers ultra quiet performance which make it one of the top garage door openers in its segment. It consists of a 60 W lighting tri-band frequency radio with remote for less interference, better range and enhanced performance. It’s created from a polycarbonate covering and polypropylene lightweight lens for durability and lightness.

Product Dimensions : 26.8 x 6.6 x 10.1 inches
Weight : 25.6 pounds
Batteries included : No
Batteries required : No
Color : Black
Warranty Description : 6-year Motor warranty, 1-year Accessories/Chain/Parts warranty

It has got many key features like it comes with a quiet and powerful DC motor which permits quicker opening. This machine permits more head room, especially with SUVs/Minivans in garage. It is quite unlikely to knock it and break the lens covering which comes with IR safety sensors.

It comes with easily installable doorbell wall control panel. It has cable/chain combo drive with 1 one button remote visor with tri-band frequency. It has got reinforced durability and quality with sleek and modern design. The range of the remote extends up till 100 yards which is pretty good.

The size of the package is small and at the same time easy to handle. The cost is also nominal when we consider all these exceptional features. The box contains 160 W of lighting, LED and CFL compatible system. Moreover it has 1 year accessories, chain, and parts warranty with 6 years motor warranty in the package.

Editor's Choice

Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener – Best Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is the latest in its category. For reduction in noise, it reduces the power head vibration with its specially designed Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS). With rooms located on top of the garage, this makes it the perfect choice and Chamberlain is the brand which makes the top rated garage door openers.

Description Of The Product

Product Dimensions : 26.8 x 8 x 13.2 inches
Weight : 35 pounds
Batteries included : Yes
Batteries required : No
Batteries : Require 3 non standardized batteries (included)
Warranty Description : Lifetime belt, lifetime motor, 1-year Accessories, 5- year Parts

Its key features are that it is quite easy to install garage door opener of this kind. It is basically a belt driven system and got a robust structure. The noise level is pretty low and it also includes automatic timer to close feature with compatible home link and is the affordable garage door opener.

This device incorporates some of the key safety features like protector system safety sensors which stops door closing from contact with object or person. It is supported by anti burglary and security technology. The power consumption is negligible when on standby mode.

This machine can be connected to android Smartphone or iPhone to control garage door and exterior lightings. PosiLock theft protection guarantees the door stays locked when the door is closed. The cost of this product is very nominal and in the box it contains installation manual, tin 3-button remote controls, control panel and no key entry system.

An Overview Of Top Garage Door Openers

Top Garage Door Openers Infographic Chart



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What is the Best Garage Door Opener for you?

In most situations garage door openers are wonderful comforts. However, with weather fluctuations, they are most appreciative, and also comparatively inexpensive and highly reliable when the installation is managed by oneself.

At first, one might think that there are a lot of garage door opener brands, but the reality is that only a few companies manufacture garage door openers. So what is the best place to buy a garage door opener?Like for instance, Overhead Door Company manufactures Genie garage door openers as well as its own brand. Similarly, although Chamberlain is renowned as one of the reliable garage door opener manufacturer, the company even makes openers for Craftsman and LiftMaster. Another question that often comes into mind is that what is the quietest garage door opener? The answer may lie in the products discussed above. Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener might be the appropriate answer to that.

premium garage door openers

Generally, distinguished by the kind of mechanism used, garage door openers are mainly classified as the following:

  • Chain drive garage door openers:  These are inexpensive types where a chain is looped around a rail that raises or lowers the door in these models.
  • Belt driven garage door opener:  In place of a chain, these types use a rubber belt reinforced with metal.
  • Direct drive garage door opener:  Neither a chain or belt is used. Rather the spring tensioned chain slides along a stationary motor that moves the chain and lifts the door. These are expensive than chain drive and belt drive garage door openers.

How To Choose The Best Rated Garage Door Opener?

There are various types of garage door openers in the market. To start with, the primary consideration is the drive type for any garage door opener. However, the motor’s horse power capacity should be taken into consideration too.

As a cost effective choice, chain drive door openers can be considered. The drive utilizes a metal chain that lifts and lowers the door on its sprocket. These are most common choices, but are quite noisy. For quiet function, consider belt drive openers. A rubber or rubber like belt on a cog is used to open and close the doors. These are one of the quietest choices since the openers are devoid of loud beating metal components.

For highly dependable and quiet choices, consider jackshaft and direct drive openers. Jackshaft openers are attached straight to a garage’s front wall. Direct dive openers have an overhead rail attached with a chain.

For a standard door consider 1/2 HP models. The most popular motor speed in use and is the standard for the majority of garage doors. The 1/2 HP motor lifts most garage doors depending on the kind of drive paired with.

For one piece or insulated wooden doors, consider 3/4 HP models. These motors are the next step above 1/2 HP models. Its additional power creates a more long lasting and durable choice with these motors.

For industrial or oversized doors, consider 1 HP models. These motors offer the maximum power and efficiency. For the heaviest garage doors, which include commercial or industrial and oversized doors, these motors are perfect.

Consider DC or AC motors. The current should also be considered in relation to the motors horsepower. DC (direct current) motors are common on belt drives and manufactures are integrating the motors onto other drive types too. DC motors provide battery backup choices for a lot of uses also during a power outage. AC motors are few and far in functions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors Openers

Q1. What is the cheapest garage door opener available on the market?

Ans: Craftsman 53920 is the cheapest garage door opener available on the market and it is priced at an amazing $130. This chain drive garage door opener comes with the ½ hp motor, a garage mounted controller which is doorbell styled, one single button remote and also rolling anti-burglary coding for the purpose of security.

Q2. What is the best app for my garage door opener?

Ans: The Craftsman smart garage door opener is an app that helps the user to control the garage door to open and close and also performs other necessary functions relevant to the garage door. The user will be able to monitor and check the garage door with the help of this app. The user can download this app in any Smartphone and control the garage door.

Q3. Is it possible to use smart phone to operate my garage door opener?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to use the smart phone to easily operate the garage door opener. To do this, the user will require the garage door opener app for the garage door that is installed in the garage and set the required settings to get started. These apps are available for both iOS and android users.

Q4. What is the ideal garage door opener for cold weather?

Ans: There are no specific ideal garage door openers for cold weather and one will need to maintain their garage door during the winter and follow the trouble shoot tips for maintaining the garage doors in the best way. One should also make sure that the moving parts are well lubricated to make sure that the garage door is working properly.

Q5. How to install my garage door opener?

Ans: It is not much difficult to install the garage door opener; however, one will need to know the right steps and few hours at maximum to install the garage door. Every best automatic gate opener comes with the detailed installation instruction which one will need to follow and make sure that all the garage door parts are available.

Q6. What minimum headroom is required above a residential garage door?

Ans: The minimum headroom required above the residential garage door is recommended with a clearance of over 12 inches (305mm). If there is low headroom available, i.e. only 4 ¾ inches (121 mm) to 12 inches (305mm) should opt for the dual track system, which is designed for the low headroom. One should add 2 inches (51mm) to the standard life movement for the electronic door opener and for low headroom, this is not required.

Q7. What minimum headroom is required above a commercial garage door?

Ans: For the commercial garage door, the minimum headroom is for the standard track manual operation, one will require 15 inches headroom. And the standard track with the garage door opener will require 18 inches headroom as minimum, low headroom track manual operation requires 12 inches headroom minimum, while low headroom track using garage door opener requires 15 inches of minimum headroom.

Q8. Where can I find the best garage door services?

Ans: Best garage door services can be found almost in any States, which comes with the best experience and dedicated team to offer the best customer services to the customers. One will be able to take a look at the listings of the best garage door services, according to their location on the internet.

Q9. Where to get the most recommended garage door opener for low ceiling?

Ans: There are various stores which sell the various brands and models of the most recommended garage door opener for low ceiling. However, before purchasing, you will need to take a look at the warranty and the customer reviews about the store, where you are going to get the top garage door opener.

Q10. What is the perfect garage door opener for heavy door?

Ans: Chamberlain PD612EV is one of the best and the perfect door opener for the heavy door. Its highly efficient and strong machine is capable of opening the heavy door without much hassle and does the job with ease. It is easy to install and offers amazing features as well to the users who are installing it.


So, making a choice from the various styles and accessories, can take a while. However, the garage door openers are very helpful in operating heavy garage doors with ease and convenience. In the last couple of years, significant changes have made the garage door opener market surprisingly more complex.

The garage door openers have greatly improved with regards to reduction in noise and safety measures. They were so clunky and noisy and disturbed everything around its vicinity. The latest devices are ultra silent, smooth operators as highlighted in the top 5 garage door openers above. They are quite easy to install and very useful. However, choose any model or brand that suits the most. Most of these garage door openers are absolutely wonderful in terms of durability, quality, price and thus can be called as the Best Garage Door Openers available around.



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