Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews 2017

Having the top rated automatic gate opener is becoming a necessity rather than luxury these days. A gate opening system is an automatic or manual system that provides security and safety, facilitates ease of entry and exit and provides logistical control of entering and existing of a facility or a compound. The type of gate opening may also vary. While most residential driveway gates are swing types, opening in and out, there are others who prefer the sliding type gates which can be slid from one side to the other. Garage door openers are motorized devices that are used for opening and closing garage doors. They can be either in the form of switches on the wall of the garage or remote control which can be easily carried by the user.


  • Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Single Swing Gates

  • Performance: Best Value Performance Kit
  • Battery Type: 12 Volt automotive or marine battery
  • Cycles: Up to 77 Backup Cycles
  • Warranty: 12-Months
  • Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates

  • Performance: Best Solar Gate Opener Kit on the market
  • Battery Type: 12 Volt automotive or marine battery
  • Cycles: Up to 145 Backup Cycles.
  • Warranty: 12-Months
  • Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates

  • Performance: Best In Class DIY Heavy Duty Gate Opener Kit
  • Battery Type: 12 Volt, 7 Amp hour battery
  • Cycles: Up to 185 Backup Cycles.
  • Warranty: 18-Months

3 Best Automatic Gate Openers Reviews

It is since long that Mighty Mule has been delivering the top notch automatic gate openers. Their gate opener flexible technology has evolved during all these years to accommodate a broad range of scenarios, situations, and installations. Their simple installing technology provides the users with opportunities to installing the gate openers all by themselves without the need for calling any professional help.

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Single Swing Gates

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Single Swing Gates is considered amongst the top performing automatic gate openers in the USA. This small-budget gate opener is just the right thing for small swing gates and is mostly found in small houses or offices. Its compactness makes it easy to be attached to the single car and farm gates. Lets us take a detailed understanding of the product.

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Single Swing Gates

  • Supports gate length-12 feet/ weight- 300 pounds.
  • Suitable for all types- steel, aluminum, farm tubing, chain-link, wood or metal, vinyl and tubular to name a few.
  • The unit consists of:
  • Power plant along with the car battery module
  • Piston module for opening the gate
  • Wireless remote control system
  • Other accessories including the mounting brackets and other hardware necessities.

  • A closing timer allows you to set your gate to close between 0 – 120 seconds once it has reached the fully open position. You also have the option to turn off this feature so that your gate is left open until its closing motion is activated by some entry.
  • This single gate opener is a system with low-voltage and hence, eliminates the requirement to run 110 AC to the gate. It can be powered by a 12-volt automotive power, the traditional electric grid which is already wired up in your home or an extra solar panel.
  • Its weather resistant, waterproof design and construction, and durable ABS housing make the product robust and long-lasting.
  • The gate opener can operate on different power plants to provide an efficient gate opening mechanism. While it can be wired to an automobile battery directly, it can also be wired into an electric grid or hooked to a solar panel for consistent power.
  • It is easy to install-provided with a detailed manual and interactive DVD.
  • The learn mode of the Mighty Mule automatic opener can be used to determine the end points via remote. The transmitter can be used to command the opener as to where it needs to stop. The settings can be saved on the board when the opener is adjusted to the stop points which may be desired.


Based on the customer reviews, this product has its fair share of drawbacks too.

  • Slower customer cares response to query
  • Less active remote sensor- needs multiple key presses for one function.
  • The batteries drained earlier than expected.
  • Complex and intricate instructions in the user manual make the installation process tricky for the standard user.

This relatively compact Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Single Swing Gates is considered to be the best bargain for your buck. One of the most straightforward and simple pieces of equipment that the company has developed and which can be easily installed without any professional guidance.



Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates

Have you even felt the need for opening your gate with a single touch of a button? Then, Mighty Mule, the well-known USA brand brings to you one of its best gate opener products for medium duty single swing gates. The gate opener is designed for use in any property – homes, ranches, industries and other professional applications.

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Medium Duty Single Swing Gates

  • Ideal for gates of 16 ft lengths or weight up to 550 pounds.
  • This gate opener suitability ranges from chain link to ornamental, panel, vinyl, wood and tubular steel farm gates.
  • Mounting brackets of cast Aluminum and ABS housing make it durable and sturdy.
  • Requires Marine-type battery or 12-volt automotive battery.
  • The battery is continually charged by the AC transformer which is included in the kit. An optional 5-watt solar panel gate charger kit is also available.
  • This one-piece system has its transformer, transmitter and the receiver located in the gate arm due to which there is no need for installing a separate control box.
  • Product kit includes two additional access remotes with single buttons.
  • The plastic and metal opener has a simple design and comes in neutral black and metallic gray color. This makes it unnoticeable once it has been installed on the gate.

  • Being solar compatible this medium duty single swing gate opener is an ideal choice for gates in a rural environment and also makes it eco-friendly.
  • The one-Push-To-Open Bracket item makes the opener ideal for gates that open into a property and also for those gates which open away from a property.
  • The single button remote transmitter is perfect for opening the gate with a single press. This feature allows you to control the gate from the convenience and security of the vehicle instead of having to get out.
  • This gate opener is easy to install (via DIY installation DVD), solar capable and has a low voltage system. The built-in battery backup allows the gate to be operated even during power outage.
  • You might forget to close the gate, but its adjustable Auto-Close feature does it for you.

  • No child lock
  • Hefty price
  • Slower rejoinder from the customer service department
  • Slow opening and closing operations

The Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for medium duty single swing gates is made up of high-quality materials but within an affordable range and is an easy-to-install gate opener. The movement of the gate might be slow but for private households and small farms, this gate opener is the best product providing good performance at a reasonable price.



Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates

The Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener won the award for manufacturing best in the class design of heavy duty gate opener. It is one of the best products produced by the company considering its smart design and cost effectiveness. If you want to benefit from the best automatic gate opener within the heavy-duty category, then here is the reason why you should go for the Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener.

This heavy duty single swing gate opener has power and strength as its key features. Its versatility allows it to work with various types of barriers and accommodate massive commercial gates within certain specified length and weight. The ease-of-installation is another feature which makes it a desirable product.

Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates

  • Supports gate lengths of 18 feet or weighing up to 850 pounds.
  • The gate opener is both AC and also Solar powered.
  • A 12-volt battery backup
  • Designed for all types of gates – gates that open into properties and also for gates which open out of the property with the Push-to-Open Bracket.
  • Works with various gate types- panel, vinyl, and chain link styled gates, tube fences, and even wood fences.
  • This swing gate opener is a high performer for any gate – decorative or utilitarian.
  • Large control box which can accommodate extra batteries and other accessories if required.
  • The kit contains:

  • 1. Mounting hardware and brackets
  • 2. Transmitter
  • Transformer
  • Control box
  • 1 gate opener arm
  • Receiver
  • Battery
  • Control board.

Its other features worth mentioning include rapid recovery charging system, adjustable gate activation alert, and UL-approved obstruction sensing systems.

  • A 12-volt battery backup which ensures that one can open and close the gate even during power cuts.
  • It is easy to install and is simple to use.
  • Compared to its superb performance, the price is competitive too.
  • Waterproof and weather resistant design and construction.
  • Its professional Grade soft stop and soft start features increase the longevity of the opener and all the associated hardware.

  • Heavy equipment installation requires sturdy hands
  • Knowledge of technical terms is a pre-requisite before installation. It is recommended to go through a web video or DVD provided to understand the instructions better.
  • Requires maintenance
  • Slower grievance redressal forum
  • Remote control needs some working.

At the end of the day, if you want a sturdy and a durable gate opener with technology that is going to support you every single day, then there is no reason which should stop you from going for the Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener for single swing gates.



What are Gate Operators?

To swing or to slide is the question; there are pros and cons to both the types of gates when you are deciding which one to use at your home. While swing gates can be opened and closed in broad half-circles, sliding gates slide from one side to the other.

Gate Operator Types

A mechanical device, known as a gate operator, is used to open and close any gate. Electric gate openers can be either hydraulic or electromechanical. The electric gate openers can be used for both swingings as well as sliding gate types. A wireless transmitter or any manual device is used to program the gate to open and close.

Electromechanical Gate Openers

These types of gate openers draw power from the mains to open a driveway gate. These can be of four types:

  • Worm Driven or Screw Type Swing Gates
  • Barrier Arm Operators
  • Sliding operators

Hydraulic Gate Openers

These gate openers use hydraulic fluids to open any electric driveway gate automatically. These have less moving parts than that of the mechanical types. These have certain advantages over the mechanical ones:

  • For heavy-sized barriers, these can produce more power.
  • When operating large gates, they do not need full power to act.
  • But hydraulic operated gate openers are hard to handle because of its technology and are also less safe.

What Is The Ideal Automatic Gate Opener

1. Automatic Swing Gate Opener

Swing gates are simple gates which open either inward or outward. The openers can be either single or dual. Gate operation is controlled by a telephone or keypad entry system. Another control option is a gate remote. Swing gates use three types of operators:

  • Articulated Arm Swing Gate Operators:

  • These can open gates at a faster rate than any other operator.
  • They are the most efficient ways of opening the gates.
  • These operators do not burden the gate brackets and hinges with any extra load.
  • They are also more capable of handling larger leaf gates and that also with great duty cycles.

  • Linear Swing Gate Operators

  • Compared to the articulated arm swing gate operators, the linear operators need very less side room to open.
  • They also are neater than the articulated arm operators.
  • They are the most cost effective gate drivers.

  • Underground Swing Gate Operators

  • Nothing is visible on the front and the back of the gates while using underground swing gate operators.
  • But these operators are costly, can be used only for smaller sized gates and are subject to corrosion since they are underground.

The articulated arm swings gate operators are the most efficient and also have a duty cycle greater than the linear operator types. Linear actuator operators are advantageous when cost is the primary concern, and the gate itself is not too large.

Advantages of using Swing Gates:

  • The expenses of digging up the driveway for laying a concrete footing are saved.
  • Swing gates do not need space at the sides of opening and closing.
  • A pair of hinges is all that is required for the gate to be operational.
  • Gate operators can also be fitted conveniently to any existing swing gates.
  • In case there is no mains power at the gate, one can opt for a low voltage gate operator out of the many that are available.
  • Swing gates have lesser moving parts than slide gates, and hence this leads to less wear and tear. This means there are less repair and maintenance work required for these types of gates.
  • Though gates are hardly opened for a very long time, their noise can be nerve-wracking at times. Swing gates are quieter than slide gates when they are being opened or closed and make less noise.
  • Slide gates have to be slid off very far when they are being opened and closed. Swing gates, on the other hand, are more pleasant to look at and give houses a gorgeous appearance.

2. Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

As the name implies, sliding gates slide on wheels either from left to right or from right to left. These gate operators are installed towards the end of the gate either in the closed or open position. Sliding gate openers use a chain for operation. The gate is pulled open by the chain which then holds it in the position. When activated, it releases and returns the gate to a close position. Slide gates are heavier than swing gates and hence require more force than the swing gates for operation. Most gate systems have a photo beam safety feature which monitors and stops gate process as and when required.

Why Use Slide Gates?

Though most gates are swing type, there are instances where a sliding gate is more practical than swing gates.

  • The swing gates would be blocked by some landscaping such as rock or trees, which has been done. With sliding gates, the garden would not pose any problem.
  • There may be an upward slope which goes into the driveway, and the gate in such cases will have to be opened towards the incoming car. So a sliding gate is more convenient.
  • Sliding gates can work even in tight and compact spaces, but swing gates need a lot of space for operation.
  • Once the sliding gates are closed and then locked onto the fixed structure, they guarantee total security. They cannot be forced open like swing gates.
  • Gate operators for swing gates are affected by wind loads and hence have to be selected carefully. Swing gates, on the other hand, are not affected by the wind loading on the gates.

Swing Gates vs. Sliding Gates

  • Sliding gates are more secure than swing gates and provide better security.
  • The bigger the driveway, the larger are the advantages of using sliding gates.
  • Sliding gate operators are easier to install than the swing gate operators. They are also less affected by wind loads on them as compared to the swing gate operators.
  • A swing gate is an option only in cases where there is no space available for fitting a sliding gate.

3. Automatic Dual Gate Opener 

In contrast to single gates which have only a single gate opening to one direction, dual gates open out from the center into both the directions. Dual gates are harder to navigate than the single one since the gates have to be latched together at the center. Compared to the single gates, dual gates provide more space. Wider vehicles, which might not be able to go through a single gate, get more accessibility with these types of gates.

Benefits of Automatic Gate Openers

Gates are large, cumbersome and bulky. Hence automatic gate openers prove to be a boon as they can easily control large, heavy and bulky gates. It is for this reason that they come with inbuilt protection features which help to prevent accidents and injuries to the user and damage to the car. For your safety, some precautions should be taken care of while dealing with automatic gate openers.

Safety Features

  • Gate Openers Support Stop and Reverse With Obstacles:Gate openers are so designed and come with infrared photobeams which help them to detect any obstacle in the form of humans, cars or any other type of the object. On detection of such objects, they stop and reverse back.
  • Controls Should Be Placed Away From The Gates: Putting the controls near the gates could result in hitting the person who is operating them. Individuals should be prevented from trying to cross a gate or go through a gate while it is moving. Keeping the controls at a distance makes it impossible for the person to go through the closing or opening gate.

External Interfaces:
External interfaces have two purposes – control the gate easily, safely and conveniently and facilitate the built-in safety features.

  • Remote Controls: Automatic gate openers come with remote controls for controlling the opening or closing of the gate with relative ease right from the comfort of your car. Some gates use keypads or card readers while some can also be controlled with your mobile.
  • Infrared Photo Beams: These have dual purpose – as a safety feature for detecting obstacles and as an interface between the remote control and the gate for opening or closing it.

Auto Close:
The auto-close features help to keep your property safe even if you forget to close your gate. The auto-close feature shuts the gates automatically after a period.

  • Loop Detectors: These are magnetic fields which are located slightly underground and can detect any metal near them for instance, a car or another obstruction. They then send a signal so that the gate does not open or close if the obstruction is nearby. There are various gate loops each serving different purpose – exit loops, safety loops or reverse loops, shadow loops and entry loops.

Just as an automatic gate opener is an important protection for your property, warranty is an important security feature of your automatic gate opener. While deciding which gate opener to choose from, consider what guarantee you want and are getting. Warranty may cover repair or replacement damages or may also cover certain accidental damages.

How To Choose The Best Rated Automatic Gate Opener

With a gate at the entrance, giving thought to an automatic gate opener is worth the consideration. An automatic gate opener operates a gate automatically, making your entry and exit convenient and eliminating the need to do the job of opening and closing the gate physically. With proper installation, hazards can be prevented, and the automatic gate opener can be used efficiently for safeguarding our loved ones and our property. Though these gate openers are common in most houses today, they differ from one another. The gate opener would depend on what type of gate you have and is a major factor in determining your automatic gate opener.

1.Swing or Slide Gate

The swing gates are compatible with both the swing arm operators as well as the arms with either the jackscrew-operated or hydraulic pistons. Sliding gates have a chain located at the bottom of the gate which is used by the automatic gate opener for operation.

2. How does the Gate operate

For swing gates, one needs to consider whether it swings in one piece or two pieces which open to both the sides. There are different operators available for single swing and dual swing gates. For a sliding gate, the length of the gate will determine the length of the sliding chain of the gate opener.

3. How easily do the gates swing?

Gates which need more effort swing will require operators with more torque and power so that the swinging gates open effortlessly. Some gates may be hard to open because they are of low quality, have been damaged or are poorly designed. But, if a gate was difficult to open because of its design and material then a proper gate opener should be selected for operating it.

4. Weight of your gate

Different gate operators have various levels of weight constraints and work for various weights. The gate material is worth considering in such cases. For instance, a wrought iron gate can be a particularly heavy gate for which the gate opener will be different.

5. How are your gates powered?

An important consideration to be kept in mind is the source of energy that will be utilized for operating. Sources of energy may be AC (alternating current) from the electrical mains, battery backups, and even solar panels. For AC powered gate openers, there has to be electricity available near your gate or else you may have to install electrical wiring for power or opt for solar panels. Solar energy is an eco-friendly and convenient means of powering your automatic gate openers. Modern solar panels can store power for later and are quietly efficient and reliable as a power source for your gate opener. Most high-quality gate openers have backup power which ensures that gates do not get stuck in the midst of opening or closing due to power failure. Many gates, though, incorporate all the three sources of power and hence, the automatic gate opener ensures continuous operation without interruption.

6. Duty Cycle of the Gate

One major consideration while choosing gate openers is the duty cycle of your gate. Duty cycle defines how much the gate will be used each day. While high use gates will require heavy duty gate openers, primary residential gates or gates for light commercial premises will require a secondary duty gate opener.

7. What is your budget?

Money also is one of the chief considerations when selecting an automatic gate opener. The money spent on the opener should be worth it.

8. Design

While selecting gate openers, various designs and patterns are readily available. Some people may prefer the simplicity and efficiency of the gate openers while some others would prefer stylish and fancy gate openers. Whatever the selection criteria be, the main objective is to ensure one’s security.

9. Material

Various materials like wood, vinyl, metal, aluminum and chain links are used for developing gate openers. For instance, there are wooden and iron gate openers available in the market today. Wooden gate openers offer elegance, class, and style. Though wooden gate openers look aesthetically very pleasing, they need a lot of maintenance. Iron Gate openers, on the other hand, are much stronger and require no maintenance on a regular basis. Nowadays, there are materials which resemble wooden and iron gate openers and are lot stronger than the actual wooden openers though a bit high on the cost side.

10. Mounting

The mounting system is also an important factor to be considered during installation of an automatic gate opener. Different styles go with the different type of mounting systems.

11. Activation Method

Gate openers with fingerprint activated systems are also available. Once the finger is on the sensor, the gate recognizes the person allows his/her access to the property. There are also automatic gate openers which can be activated with the help of a mobile phone. So instead of a remote control, one can open the gate with a simple message over the phone.


Today’s gate openers come with fantastic high-tech features, cutting-edge safety measures, convenience and ease in installing. Various safety features include gate-edges, loop detectors, and infrared photo beams. The numerous benefits of controlling your gate with an automatic gate opener are safety, privacy, style and above all convenience in operation making entry and exit for you convenient without the need for physical intervention in opening the gate. These devices provide control to the owner over who can come into the property and help keep their belongings and loved ones safe from intruders.

Many-a-time, opening a door manually becomes next to impossible. Take an example. There you are rushing out of the supermarket with your hands full. You are at the door wondering how on earth you are going to open the door with your hands full. But you wait for hardly a second, and the door opens! What just happened?

That is science and technology at work. These are the automatic doors, which operate with the help of sensors. Sensors, as the name suggests, sense things. There are various types of sensors. There are doors which work when they are triggered by sensors that respond to weight. For example, the pressure sensor may be under the mat in front of a door. So as soon as you step on the mat, the sensors send a signal to the door which then opens automatically. There are also sensors which are sensitive to light, sound and motion.

The advantages of an automatic door are innumerable. From supermarkets to airports including large buildings and offices, automatic doors have made life easier for people. These types of doors, which allow easy maneuvering, are helpful especially for the physically disabled people.

But while purchasing a gate opener, one has to be careful that it is not under powered. An under-powered opener will wear out quickly, and the gate will take longer to open. The gate opener should be such that it supports the length as well as the weight of the gate. One has to ensure that the gate is well-reinforced before installing a gate opener, which fails to operate on poorly supported gates. This could ultimately damage the gate opening unit.

With the various choices, models and options available in today’s market, most recommended automatic gate openers provide you a wonderful way of protecting yourself, your family and your property. You can read more home privacy product reviews, health & sports gadget reviews here at amatop10.

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