Best Electric Gate Opener Reviews 2017

Are you after the best rated electric gate opener? The growing demand for the safety of the vehicles, household, and other related products has led to the introduction of the automatic and the electric gate openers in the market. These are considered to be the best in a range in the market for the purpose of safeguarding the houses and all the other valuable articles inside the place. Due to its growing popularity and the increasing demand, several models and types of electric gate openers are now available in the market. Single and double opener units are the most preferred of the lot, and either of them can be used for a swinging gate.



  • Dimensions: 20.2 x 16.9 x 10.4 Inches
  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Supports Gates Upto 50 Ft In Length
  • Warranty: 2-year

  • Dimensions: 28.8 x 24.2 x 8.8 Inches
  • Weight: 34 Pounds
  • Support Gates Upto 20 Ft In Length
  • Warranty: 3-year

  • Dimensions: 31.8 x 13.2 x 6.3 Inches
  • Weight: 25.9 Pounds
  • Supports Gates Upto 20 Ft In Length
  • Warranty: 3-year


There are numerous electric gate openers in the market and deciding on the right one is not an easy job, though it might seem like one. Some people in their haste tend to choose the one that they can easily get their hands on. They regret their purchase when the gate opener starts to malfunction after a short duration only. After thorough research, consideration and recommendations here are a list of the top 3 electric gate openers that are currently on the market.

ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Review

Designed for the purpose of efficient operation of the sliding gates, the ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener is light in weight and can easily be installed by even a single person.


  • 120 V AC ¾ HP Equivalent motor.
  • Single phase motor.
  • Dimensions: 20.2 x 16.9 x 10.4 inches.
  • Product Weight: 20 pounds.
  • Model Number: AC1400.
  • Chain drive gate opener.
  • Built-in radio receiver.
  • Operating Time: 0-44 seconds.


The outer body of the electric gate opener is made from an aluminum alloy chassis. This further reduces the possibility of corrosions due to the external environment. The built and the functions of this particular electric gate opener make it suitable to be fixed with the sliding door system. This variant of the electric gate opener from ALEKO happens to be a new addition to the family of electric openers being operated by the AC powered chain drive gate openers.


  • The aluminum alloy chassis is the reason for the light weight of the gate opener. This gate opener can support 50 ft long sliding gates weighing up to 1400 pounds.
  • The AC powered system helps in the stop and reverse of the gate in case any obstruction is encountered in the middle. For safety reasons, the gate opener has a high base along with two added sensors.
  • The chain drive gate operator provides exceptional starting torque to the system and makes it suitable for continuous handling. The gate opener can support up to 100 remotes, 2 of which are already included in the system.
  • The gate opener comes with a User programmable and user erasable remote codes.
  • For precautions, heavy duty motor and 20 ft long chains are provided. If the person has forgotten to close the gate, the auto close feature in this electric gate opener closes the gate after getting the signals from a sensor.


Regarding the lifetime of this gate opener, the product has a two year warranty period from ALEKO. As an aluminum alloy chassis is being used, the product happens to be corrosion resistant and can thus be used for extended periods of time. The product offers a great value for the money. The 2-year warranty is directly provided by ALEKO right from the date it has been purchased. If being purchased on Amazon, the warranty deal for the product can be registered with them or at ALEKO.

  • Compact built and light weight
  • Easy to install and operate
  • RF hopping code prevents remote code being accessed by others
  • Pedestrian mode included and activated when a person walks through the gate
  • Manual release key for emergency
  • Value for money excellent hardware
  • Perfect for sliding doors
  • Rusting of few components especially in damp and moist places
  • Wires not provided along with the installation kit

US Automatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade

This solar powered electric gate opener is the perfect choice for the swinging doors.


  • 12 volts DC battery.
  • Dimensions: 28.8 x 24.2 x 8.8 inches.
  • Weight: 34 pounds.
  • Model Number: 020320.
  • Inbuilt AC transformer.
  • Operating Time: 16 seconds on 90 degrees operating angle.
  • Optional solar panel kit.
  • Supports ornamental iron and vinyl gates.


The solar powered gate opener comes in two color options- black or gray. The product has a medium built when compared to the other models. The built and the functions of this particular machine are more suited for the swinging gates in the farmhouses. The gate opener can be used with both the single and double swinging gates.


  • US Automatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade is the best in series of Sentry 300 gate openers. This is the first in the high-quality range of “DIY- Do It Yourself” gate openers. This gate opener has two charging options. Either the charging can be done through the already included AC transformer or US Automatic’s recommended solar panel kit with 12 V DC batteries.
  • It can be attached to farm gates of 20 ft lengths, ornamental iron gates of 12 ft length and the chain link gates of 14 ft in length. The 12 volt DC battery is not included and has to be purchased separately. The installation manual and the DVD provided along with the kit helps in easy installation. The solar powered panel gives about 50 cycles of opening and closing of the swing gates in a day and would differ depending on the region. The optional solar panel kit, purchased along with the Sentry 300 series of the electric gate openers, helps in remote installation. The linear actuator in the system provides a thrust of 400 pounds along with a compression of 1000 pounds.
  • The Plug-N-Go wiring harness in the system eliminates the need for wires to connect the control box and the gate controls. Universal mounting brackets provide easy installation of the push to open and pull to open features onto the existing gates. The energy efficient model of Sentry 300 series of electric gate openers has made it the first solar powered electric gate opener to be used for the swinging gates. 2 remote transmitters are already included into the design of the most recommended electric gate opener.


The US Automatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade comes with a 3-year warranty directly from the manufacturer. The warranty covers the replacement of the defective parts and also the repairs. Most of the installations do not require any form of additional solar panels. As it is being charged with solar panels, the battery, and the system enjoy a long lasting lifetime, even after several cycles of opening and closing the gates.

  • 30% tax credit if solar charged
  • Solar friendly features allow customization of automated gates if needed
  • The design eliminates the use of wires
  • 20% faster in closing action than other models
  • Solar charging makes it energy efficient
  • No complicated wiring and easy to install
  • Installation time of less than 1 hour and can be done by yourself
  • Opening and closing do not depend on gate’s weight
  • Often requires maintenance and replacement of solar panels when one gets damaged.

US Automatic Sentry 300 D Commercial Grade

An awesome electric gate opener which is mostly installed on a double swinging gate system, the US Automatic Sentry 300 D Commercial Grade is added along with the US Automatic Sentry 300 S Commercial Grade gate opener.


  • Dimensions: 31.8 x 13.2 x 6.3 inches.
  • Weight: 25.9 pounds.
  • Model number: Sentry 300 D 020320/25.
  • 12 volt DC battery for Sentry 300 S.
  • 50’ cable.


The US Automatic Sentry 300 D Commercial Grade was designed to be used along with the Sentry 300 S model. The gate opener unit comes in black color. The Sentry 300 S has to be installed first to use the Sentry 300 D for the double swing gate. Separate batteries are not required for the unit to function as it is connected to the Sentry 300 S, which has already been installed onto a single swing gate.


  • Some of the features that were seen in the Sentry 300 S can be seen in the Sentry 300 D as well. Though there are very few exceptions, like for instance the battery requirements. The complete Sentry 300 D kit does not include the battery and does not need them. The Sentry 300 D is added to the gates to which the Sentry 300 S is already installed to make the swinging action of both the doors efficient.
  • This electric opener derives the power from the 12 volt DC battery and the AC transformer that is included in the Sentry 300 S. This way, the Sentry 300 D can be fixed to the double gates of farm gates of 20 feet length. It can also be attached to wood paneled gates without any fear of damage to the gates.
  • The complete package of Sentry 300 D consists of a watertight junction box, wire nuts for connection and a controlling kit. A 50’ cable is present to connect to the Sentry 300 S and a linear actuator that can be coupled along with the linear actuator of the Sentry 300 S. All the mounting hardware units required for the safe installation of the gate opener to the gates are included in the package.


The manufacturer provides a warranty of 3 years for the Sentry 300 D and covers the replacement and the repair of the defective components in the gate opener. An extended 7-year warranty can be availed on the device from the manufacturer; wherein you have to pay a minimal amount for the replacement or repair of the defective components.

  • Watertight control box keeps the wiring away from water contact
  • Commercial grade dual gate opener
  • Wireless keypad facility on request
  • Dual swing door opening becomes easy
  • Does not come with a solar power panel and needs to be purchased separately.

How To Choose The Best Electric Gate Opener

Choosing an electric gate opener requires patience and a thorough knowledge of the types of electric gate openers that are currently available on the market. Each person’s needs and requirements vary and thus an electric gate opener needs to be chosen by factoring in all the possibilities and requirements. Depending upon the residential or the commercial setting, the high-quality single opener or double opener units can be attached to the swing gates.

  • One major thing to be considered before purchasing the gate opener is to look at the gate’s specifications.
  • Some of the features like gate’s types, size and the weight have to be considered. Each electric gate opener would have its very own specification that needs to be compatible with the gate that it is to be fixed to.
  • Another thing to be considered is the frequency in which the gate would be opened or closed and also the charging options that are available in the gate structure for the battery of the electric gate opener.
  • As the electric gate openers come in varied sizes and shapes, try choosing the one that fits the existing gate perfectly. Remember that, if the gate is not sturdy enough, attaching it would be of very minimal use to the person.

The right type of gate opener can be purchased depending upon the kind of gate that needs the lock and also depending upon the safety requirements for the place. It is advisable to take a deliberate decision while choosing the right electric gate opener rather than choosing one in haste to get the job done with. Make sure to plan out the budget and the requirements before zeroing in on the perfect electric gate opener for your house or office.

These electric gate openers are available with the option of hydraulic or mechanical systems. Nearly all the electric gate openers would be working under these two conditions, and it is better to get the help of a professional while choosing the gate opener. Get a person to inspect the gate before purchasing it. This way, one knows what exactly would go along with their gate. If you feel that you are really in need of an gate opener but due to the existing gate you are finding it difficult to choose the right one, try going in for a new gate that is being recommended to you by the professionals who come to inspect the space.

Benefits Of Electric Gate Opener

You might have spent a lot of money on some items and losing them due to theft is going to have an enormous impact on you both financially and mentally. These electric openers are almost like private gate operators. These gates are connected to a wireless transmitter or an electrical device that can be operated from inside the house through a key card, keypad or the regular keys. When the person residing at the place wishes to enter the place all he has got to do is activate the signals from his handheld system which is connected to the main system in the gate. Opening and closing of the gates are mostly done like this when electrical gate openers are installed.

Installing the gate opener to the commercial or the residential space has lots of benefits that one might miss out easily. Security seems to be only that comes to the mind of the people when they hear about these gate openers being used. Top quality electric gate openers seem to contribute a lot more to space than just security reasons. Some of the common benefits of attaching them include.


Security happens to be the top most reason for installing the electric gate opener. These gate openers offer security both on the inside and on the outside. The person residing in the place has the sole accessibility to the transmitter that is used for opening the gates. This way, if any thief or a vandal tries to enter the house, he would find it difficult to get past the system. Unauthorized access is prevented at all costs and the fencing around the gates can also not be used to enter, as they are a bit higher and in the same dimensions, regarding height, of that of the gate. Children and pets that are playing in the yard would not be able to run out through the gates as long as the electric gate opener is in place. They stay safe from the outside predators or the traffic that is on the outside of their house.

Only known people, who have been granted permission to enter the house or the office, will be allowed inside. An intercom along with video coverage can be added to the gates to check the person who is at the gate. Known family members, guests, and employees can have access with the help of a card reader or a keypad, authorized by the owner.

Single Investment, High Returns

It offers an added aesthetic to the present curb appeal and the gate. The property value of the house can be increased or considered to be valuable if there is an electric gate opener installed at the place. Thereby, even if the person wishes to sell the house, he can strike an easy deal and also get a discount on the homeowner’s insurance with the automatic gate as it means that the place already has a deterrent for the thieves who try to break in.

In commercial and the industrial setting, the company’s inventory, and the working staff can be safeguarded. No extra security force needs to be deployed to ensure the safety on the premise. In industrial settings, barbed wires, coils and anti-climb spikes can be attached to the company’s perimeter fencing.

Attached Security Measures

These automatic gates are considered to be heavy inbuilt but can move in about 3 feet per second. This is one of the reasons why they come along with the safety features attached to the system like the photoelectric sensors, audio warning devices, safety cages, screening systems, warning signs and pressure and contact sensors. The addition of the security measures would depend on upon the residential or the commercial need of the setting.


As a transmitter is used for opening and closing the gates, the same can be utilized to lock the gate if one forgets to do so. One does not have to walk to the gate to welcome the visitors or the guests who have come and can open the gates for them from the place they are sitting. Even while driving either inside or outside the place, one does not have to get down from the car to open or close the gate, which helps especially during inclement weather.

Varied Applications

These are active throughout the day and 24/7. This way, all kinds of spaces, be it residential, commercial, storage units, industrial, airport entrance, and delivery docks, can be secured and kept safe. Some places tend to purchase the gates along with the most suitable electric gate opener and this way they can choose from swing gate, pedestrian swing gate, box frame roller gate, automatic vertical pivot gate or vertical lift gate.


These come along in varied designs. This way, the outside gate would not be losing its existing aesthetic value but would rather add to it. By fixing some custom lighting and masonry to the nearby area, the appeal of the place can be enhanced greatly.

Installing An Electric Gate Opener

Installing an electric gate opener to the existing gate will not be a big deal since either does it require a handyman to weld anything to the gate nor does it requires the electrician to install the system. Manufacturers make sure to provide an installation manual along with the kit and thus even a layman can install the gate opener on his own by just following the instructions in the manual. In some cases, when no one in the house can do the job, people call in the professionals to install the system for them.

One thing to know before installation is that, an electric gate opener can produce higher forces than the regular gates, and thus the installation needs to be done along with some necessary precautions. These precautionary measures need to be in order before and after the installation has been complete. Operating the unit needs care and cannot be simply done just by pressing few buttons. In case a user plans on installing the system all by him and does not plan on calling the professionals, these installation steps would help a great deal.

Determine The Position Of The Electric Gate Opener

All gate opener systems are installed onto the fencing system rather than the outside of the gate. This keeps the system away from getting accessed from the outside by the public or the people who do not live in the place. For optimal results, fix the electric gate opener to the center line of the gate, which minimizes any flex or twist in the gate when it is being opened. Backsplashes can be avoided during the rains if the gate opener is fixed this way.

Control Box Installation

While mounting the control box adjacent to the primary side of the driveway gate on to the fence panel, using a self-tapping screw would do the trick. Though the mounting place is purely the user’s decision, it is a must that the system has to be kept 3 feet above the ground to make sure that there is no damage due to snow or the rain. Along with this, maintain the box at least 3 feet away from the air conditioner power sources, since keeping the two appliances nearby would create an electrical interference. These steps need to be taken only if the gate opener comes with a control box.

Assembly Of Post Brackets

Post bracket had to be assembled separately and placed either on the outside or the inside of the gate well below the mid horizontal frame line. Fix the assembly to the rear amount of gate opener after tightening the bolts. With the gates located in the open, the bracket for the gate is attached to the front mount of the gate opener. Adjust the system, both the bracket, and the post bracket, till the electric gate opener gets leveled. Keep both the brackets together in their positions with the help of a C-clamp.

Gate Opener Arm Attachment

The arm of the gate opener needs to be attached to both the bracket and the post bracket. Adjust the arm opener till it gets leveled.

Connecting Battery Wires To The Control Box

The wires of the battery need to pass through the strain relief slot after the control board cover has been opened. Longer lengths of wires have to be left behind to make sure they reach the plug from the control box and later attach the wires to the respective terminals.

Connecting Power Cable For Electric Gate Opener

After passing the battery wires, run the power cable through the strain relief slot and attach it to the respective terminal slot.

Fixing Transformer

Once the cables are all set, the transformer that comes along with the gate opener has to be attached to the control box to keep the battery charging. Use a wire of suitable length by measuring the distance between the control box and the electrical outlet. Bury the low voltage wire that runs from the AC outlet to the control box in a trench along the gate, leaving enough amount of wiring on the outside to run through the PVC conduit. After PVC conduits have been added, attach the wires to the power points. At the electrical outlet connect the wires of the transformer terminal and plug in the transformer to the outlet.

Connecting The Battery

There are two options for connecting the battery to the electric gate opener. One, the battery can be wired up along with the gate opener and two, a 12 volt automotive or marine battery can be fixed at least 6 feet away from the control board.

Finishing Touches

Entry transmitter is available along with the gate opener and can be used to set the closed position limit. The stall force setting has to be adjusted for controlling the obstruction sensitivity and set an auto-close time. The warning signs and the transmitter codes and settings have to be adjusted in the end.

Now the electric gate opener is properly installed and can be accessed with the help of the transmitters.

Safety Measures To Be Ensured While Using Electric Gate Openers

As mentioned earlier, installation of the electric gate opener is not complete until the safety precautions are in order. Even during installation, it is highly recommended to make sure that the security measures are to avoid any electrical accidents like short circuiting, as it can completely damage the entire unit. Manufacturers and the people who have already installed them would have uploaded a video of their installation over the internet or would provide a CD along with the installation kit. Try watching the videos as they would be mentioning the ways by which one has to install the unit along with the safety measures that are mandatory.

Several potential health hazards can result due to improper installation and the safety precautions. Though the implications would not be seen out too soon, the electric gate opener would soon start losing its function and credibility after a short usage period. Ensure that the transmitter codes and the settings are all in order. In the case of emergencies, always call in the professionals before you try to take the matter into your hands.

Along with the installation, few necessary safety precautions need to be fixed along with the gate openers. This is highly recommended since the gate which is to be operated is mostly made of wrought iron and considered to be heavy to handle. One can imagine the hazards if the gate hits or falls on someone if the installation is not up to the mark. The gates can be opened at a speed of 3 feet per second and reasons like these happen to be the main incentive for fixing safeguarding measures at each point while installing the electric gate opener.

Some of the most commonly used safety precautions that are installed onto these automated gates include:

  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Contact and pressure sensors
  • Warning signs
  • Screening systems
  • Audio warning signs
  • Safety cages

Some people tend to get the electric gate openers sans these security measures with a mindset to reduce the overall cost of the installation. Invariably, they would be spending a great deal more if any problem occurs in the system, as the problem is fatal to both the system and the person who is using it. Apart from the safety measures that can be fixed, there are some standard precautions that a person can exercise after installing the electric gate opener. They are

  • Do not try to squeeze into the gate or enter while the gate is in motion. Sliding and swinging gates can easily entrap a person since they move at a better speed than the person moving.
  • Perform a visual inspection of the system before installation to check if all the parts, like brackets and control box, are in order.
  • The gate control unit needs to be at least at a distance of 10 feet from the actual gate and in such a way that the person who is handling the gate opener is not able to reach out and touch the control unit.
  • Never allow the children or any visitor from the outside to handle the remote to ensure safety.
  • Check for any irregularities in the gate’s movement during its swinging and sliding action. If the gate slows down or stops at a point, it means that the system is malfunctioning and needs to be looked into.
  • Place signs on the gate that an electric gate opener is being used to access the gate so that the person entering or visiting the place does not come in the way when the gate is being operated.


Purchasing an electric gate opener needs to be done after factoring in the entire said requirement and needs. It is always safer to make an educated decision rather than jumping to the purchase just because the reviews for the product are great or just because a close acquaintance has purchased the particular brand.

Make sure to run few tests before buying the product and always get a professional to get the work done if you are not sure even after reading the manuals. Keep in mind that, these electric gate openers and the automatic gates have higher forces when compared to the regular gates. This mandates the proper installation and maintenance. If you find any repair or some malfunctioning unit, get it sorted out at the earliest. This deals with the safety of the property and the family members.

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