Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener Review

The range of garage door openers from Chamberlain has always been a hot cake amongst the buyers. All thanks to the addition of latest technology and its state of the art design, Chamberlain WD962KEV model of the garage door opener has been doing the rounds in the market quite recently. This particular garage door opener has everything that one looks out for in a device for opening garage doors. Be it the security, safety feature, control panel, and motor, Chamberlain WD962KEV is doing a great job as compared to its predecessors. All the technologies that have been used in the system are state of the art and never fail to impress the users who are handling the device. To ensure that the garage door, as well as the vehicle inside, is well protected, Chamberlain has made certain that all the safety protocols and the anti-theft signals are highly responsive. All the added features would definitely ensure that the person gets the same amount of satisfaction even after using the garage door opener for an extended period of time.



  • Product dimensions: 27.2 x 9.7 x 13.1 inches
  • Product weight: 36.8 pounds
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Product number: WD962KEV
  • Power type: DC
  • Closing timer: 1, 5 or 10 minutes

Key features:

  • The device has a ¾ HPS DC belt drive system that ensures noise free functioning of the garage door opener
  • Battery backup option is available and comes handy when there is a power outage right when the door opener needs to be accessed
  • The closing timer needs to be set prior to operating the device to ensure that the door is closed properly
  • Auto-force feature detects the fluctuations in the surrounding temperature and thereby produces the right amount of force to open and shut the garage door according to it
  • A quick install railing system is provided along with the device during the purchase to help the person to install the door opener quickly
  • The device is compatible with the Home Link system though it may require an external adapter depending upon the year and make of the device
  • For the purpose of anti-theft system, PosiLock protections is already present in this garage door opener
  • The battery backup can take up to 20 open and close cycles of the garage door
  • The garage door opener can be used for garage door that is 7 feet in height
  • The motion detection control panel in the device prevents the garage door opener from functioning when it encounters any kind of obstacle while it is being operated
  • The motion activated lights sends out an invisible beam of light while a vehicle enter or leaves the garage to avoid the garage door from accidentally closing on its own
  • The MyQ technology, well known and present in all the Chamberlain garage door openers, gives the person access to the garage door from any place
  • MyQ technology can be accessed only with the help of the MyQ internet gateway feature that needs to be purchased separately
  • The device ensures a smooth start and stops function in order to reduce the amount of noise that is let out when the device is functioning
  • One non-standard battery is required for functioning and included in the device during purchase


  • Automatic closing of doors after the vehicle has moved out
  • Three segment railing provides easy mount for device
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Can be operated even during power cuts


  • Minor issues might be faced in understanding the instruction manual

Our Review

The market and the customer reviews for this particular model of garage door opener from Chamberlain have been on the positive side right from the time it made its entry into the market. Fit with all the right amenities to make the operation of the door opener easy; WD962KEV is safe to install and handle. The safety features are spot on and make it highly reliable for use.

Injuries that are mostly incurred due to improper handling of the device are avoided to a maximum extent due to the safety sensors that come along with the device. The one major feature that ultimately acts as a selling point for the product is its warranty period. Chamberlain’s WD962KEV comes with a fully functioning motor that has a lifetime warranty. Along with this, there is a 5 year warranty period for the parts and 1 year warranty time for the accessories. Needless to say, when all the features and the safety parameters are factored in, this WD962KEV Whisper Drive garage door opener from Chamberlain family is the best purchase one can make at such a reasonable pricing.