Garage Recommendations

Creating A Place To Keep Things Has Been A Constant Challenge

Like it or not, it always feel as if there is not a lot of room inside your garage, no matter how large it is? Paraphrasing Parkinson’s Law, the quantity of stuff anyone has expands to fill up the space available to put it in. The following hints should help with the problem of too much stuff and the best way to expand the area to keep it.

Take advantage of the space above your head as storage, due to the fact that there is usually more than adequate head room within a garage which could certainly leave you quite a lot of space. Some of the easiest things to hang from the ceiling include sporting supplies such as snowboards, skis, kayaks, along with similar light-weight equipment. Putting plywood on top of the ceiling joists can provide you even more area to keep those things you rarely need to access. You could either get hanging racks or platforms that will be raised and lowered using a lever. These storage devices help you to move heavy and awkward things up to the rafters quickly.

Make good use of the walls by simply adding pegboard for hand tools, brackets for your larger garden tools such as rakes and shovels, shelving for bins and bulky tools, and support hooks for that bike you only rode once and currently is simply blocking the way.

Mount cabinets to keep your stuff organized as well as out of view. You could still accommodate most passenger cars in a garage after you put in a row of cabinets along the side or rear of the space. You can gain a good deal of additional storage capacity, even in the event you have to install cabinets with a narrow depth. They also improve the appearance of your garage, having most your stored things out of view and causing jealousy among your neighbors because your garage is so tidy.

If you are one of those who is lucky enough to have too much money, have a look at setting up a motor vehicle lift. For people with more cars than garage floor space, an above-ground car lift will be the solution seeing that these machines basically permit you to stack vehicles on top of each other. Although it will be costly, a lift might be the perfect answer for the classic car you only drive occasionally but would like to maintain in peak condition. By having one car or truck up on the lift, the second one could be parked directly below it, however provisions have to be made to prevent oil and air-conditioner water from dripping on the bottom vehicle.

Could A Garage Sale Be The Answer?

This may be the time to eliminate some of your less precious possessions in the event that you have performed all of the previously mentioned storage methods and still are unable to find enough space. Odds are there would be boxes in your garage which have not been opened in years, and hold stuff you no longer really need or want. Having a garage sale enables you to clean out your garage and make a few bucks at the same time. Garage sale advice: as a person who has experienced plenty of garage sales through the years, the single most important thing you must do is make the letters on your signs BIG! B-I-G, BIG! People passing by on a busy street will have less than a second to view your sign so always keep the message brief (use arrows, not addresses) and — have I already mentioned this? — write the letters BIG.

Garage Organization: From Concept To Reality

If you want your garage to serves as something more than crowded storage space, and you want to get real work done there such as woodworking, auto repair, or assorted home improvement projects, it is vitally important to divide your garage into separate areas to allow yourself room to work. The garage is the hardest area in your house to keep organized since you have the big things like cars, boats, lawnmowers, and motorcycles right alongside your storage and work spaces. Garage organization is easier if you begin from the top down, such as utilizing all accessible overhead space for storage, and leaving enough space on the garage floor for work projects. If you have a big enough garage you can assign specific areas for larger items like cars, motorcycles, boats, and lawnmowers, but if your garage is on the small side you may have to move those big items out on the driveway while working in the garage. Because space on the floor of your garage is usually scarce, you will want to maximize your wall space with hangers, shelves, and mounted cabinets, as it is better to have a cluttered garage wall than a cluttered floor. Tool boxes are a crucial component to any garage organizing system, because you need your tools where you can reach them, and one of the best places for tool boxes is below or atop your work benches. You could add a decent garage door opener for your garage.

Being smart when planning your shelves

If you are a DIY guy very few things are more fun than planning and making your garage shelves. Still, most people make one crucial mistake. The mistake is making all the floors same height.

We know it might look good because of the symmetry but it’s not practical when it comes top the bulkier items you might be storing at some moment.

Take a truck bed air mattress as an example

If you are an outdoorsy truck type of a guy, you probably own a truck bed air mattress. They are great for those camping trips but can be a nuisance when you need to store them.


Because truck bed air mattresses are bulky even when deflated.  Let’s take the example of the most popular air mattress for trucks, the Airbedz Lite PPI. It’s bulky even when deflated.

Bottom line – if you want to have a well organized garage without things laying on the floor an din the corners, when making your shelves, plan well and make at least one higher floor.