Genie 1022 C Garage Door Opener Reviews

Today’s market for products is very competitive. This is especially true for the simple fact that each manufacturer promotes it’s product as the best. In our hectic day to day lives, it’s not possible to go through every site in search of the best garage door opener that’s available on the Internet. Product reviews play such an important role in defining a product’s features, functions and performance with much less time. Good quality products will get positive customer reviews and is the first thing to check out for. So, if you are searching for an honest review on the Genie 1022 C 1/2 Horsepower ChainLift Garage Door Opener, then you’re in the right place.

This Genie garage door opener is very powerful in its category. Its variety of excellent features offers efficient and reliable performance that is long lasting. With an in-depth look into its quality, durability and safety features, this unbiased review could provide all the information that’s required to clear the air regards this product.

Product Features

  • Quick and Easy IntelliTouch force settings
  • 600 Newton Heavy Duty Quiet DC Motor
  • Reliable and Durable Dual Pinion Chain Drive System
  • Genie IntelliCode System
  • Soft Start and Stop for Less Deterioration
  • Quick Connect Wiring
  • Safe T-Beam
  • 3 Segment Rail System

 Detailed Product Description

The Genie 1022 C 1/2 Horsepower ChainLift Garage Door Opener uses a heavy duty ½ HP motor that offers an easy opening and closing of the garage door. Its design supports a maximum door load of 350lb and offers very quiet, smooth and fast function. DC motors on the whole are more quiet and powerful in relation to AC motors. Moreover, the unit is installed with standard electrical connections. The most likely deterioration on the garage door and the garage door opener is minimized due to its soft start and stop feature. This results in a long lasting and better performance of the unit. The complete drive chain assembly easily opens and closes the sectional garage doors with a maximum load of 350 lbs making it one of the best automatic garage door openers in this category.. However, this is only possible when used with a maximum height of 7 ft sectional doors and also has features of a 3 section rail system.

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On the whole, the device is easily install-able with regards to many other models that struggle with their readiness. Its quick connect with standard electrical connections comes of use to a great extent. Meanwhile, the IntelliTouch technology will limit the power when in contact with any object or person and hence prevents serious damages or injuries.

Security is enhanced as well with its IntelliCode technology. Every single time the garage door closes, a new code is created automatically every time the remote control is utilized. This feature checks for illegal entry since any access code brought from another working system and tried over again, does not have access to the garage door opener. So, unauthorized people are not allowed entry.

The Safe T-Beam system places an invisible beam of light diagonally on the door opening. Anything passing through this beam stops the door from closing and is reversed to its completely opened position. On conditions of a functional problem the power head green or red indicator light does provide a built-in diagnostic code. To easily access the garage, the unit also comprises of one remote controlled wall mount and push button remote.

Generally, it’s very easy to install with its comprehensive, programming instructions and illustrated installation procedures. The Genie 1022 C 1/2 Horsepower ChainLift Garage Door Opener includes a 6-year motor warranty and 1-year accessory, chain and parts warranty with a limited and non-transferable guideline as well.

Garage doors are extremely heavy and large objects.  These units are moved with high tension springs through electric motors. Since movable, electric motors and high tension springs can cause injury.  So the safety of oneself and that of others highly depends on the user’s thorough knowledge of the system. If any information or instruction is not understood do consult the company or an authorised dealer. It would also be advisable to engage the service of a professional electrician prior to installing the unit on one’s own. Moreover, use the wall control opener supplied by the manufacturer, since every other wall control might cause the garage door opener to function unnecessarily.

Some Important Safety Instructions

  • Carefully read and follow every instruction on the manual.
  • Keep remote control away from children, never let them play or activate the door controls.
  • Keep sight of the moving door and away from objects and people until fully closed.
  • Never go down an incompletely open or stopped door.
  • Every month test the opener. After readjustments retest the opener since failure to do so might cause even death or severe injury.
  • Whenever feasible, the emergency release is to be used merely while the door is shut. While the door is opened, be cautious when utilizing this release. The risk of death or severe injury is increased with the door’s altered closing speed through a broken or weak spring.
  • Maintain properly balanced doors. Refer to the garage door owner’s guide. A professional door system technician ought to repair spring assemblies, cables and other damaged accessories. An unbalanced door does increase the threat of death or severe injury.
  • For safety from electrical shock: Never install, adjust, repair or remove springs or whatever fastens the door springs like for instance cables, wood blocks, steel brackets or similar objects. Always engage a professional door opener technician for any adjustments, installations or repairs.

Although every product will have at least one downside, the Genie 1022 C 2 Horsepower ChainLift Garage Door Opener, has received positive customer reviews. It is easily the most acceptable unit among a customer’s personal first choice.

On the whole, the Genie 1022 C 2 Horsepower ChainLift Garage Door Opener is impressive with its great performance and quiet functioning, and is a great value for money. The motor is built well, and in comparison to more expensive models, has received positive reviews.

Genie 1022 C Garage Door Opener Reviews
On the whole, the Genie 1022 C 2 Horsepower ChainLift Garage Door Opener is impressive with its great performance and quiet functioning, and is a great value for money.
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On the whole, the Genie 1022 C 2 Horsepower ChainLift Garage Door Opener is impressive with its great performance and quiet functioning, and is a great value for money.

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